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Christoph Luppi Brockmann
Christoph Luppi BrockmannChristoph Brockmann plays bass on the song “The Great Salt Pond”.

Christoph "Luppi" Brockmann from Bredstedt, Northern Germany, began playing bass when he was 16 years old. He had played some piano and guitar but when the band of his older brother, Steve Brockmann, needed a bass player he conveniently changed the instrument!

A list of bands that Christoph has played with throughout the years include:

1984-1986 – “Level B”
1987 – “Woozy Wizard”
1989- “TCS”
1990-1992 – “Seven Sisters”
1993-1995 – “Heartland (D)”
1996-1997 - "Electric Fence"
1998-2000 – “Eve's Droppers”
2004-2005 – “Steve Brockmann and the Burning Bunch”

2005 – present – "The North Band"

Christoph’s influences on bass are Steve Harris, Dave Meros, Marcus Miller and Pino Palladino. Some of his favorite bands are “Spock's Beard”, “Dream Theater”, “Porcupine Tree” and “The Beatles”.

Regarding AIRS, Christoph says: 

"Steve and I have the nice tradition that I play bass on one song from his recording projects.  So, it was fun to participate in "AIRS".  I have already listened to the album a few times and think that it's world class."
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