Friday, July 03, 2020

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Seann Jackson
Seann L. Jackson performed the spoken words for Craig in the song “Grounded II”.

Seann has had the pleasure of working with Mr. Andrade several times.  Seann and George have collaborated on a short film entitled “Supports” which won the RI Cable Award for Best Dramatic Short in 1992 and other original screenplays.  In addition, they have worked producing and staging plays.

Seann has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Theatrical Management and Direction from the University of Rhode Island.  He has directed and managed several productions.  In addition to his behind the scenes work, Seann has also acted in many productions.  His latest acting endeavor was the role of Sgt. Toomey in Neil Simon’s "Biloxi Blues". 

In addition to his theatrical work, Seann has recently written the financial success book "Escaping The Chains of Debt - A Road Warriors Survival Guide", giving guidance to those facing the difficult world of financial debt and showing them the way out.

Seann was thrilled to work with Mr. Andrade on his latest project and enjoyed the chance to work side by side with film character actor Tony Kost.  This was Seann’s first vocal recording, and wishes great success for the album. 

Regarding AIRS, Seann says:

"It’s a very cool story woven into a musical format. Run out NOW so you can be a part of AIRS, and enjoy the latest arrival to the rock opera genre!"

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