Friday, July 03, 2020

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Paul Adrian Villarreal
Paul Adrian

Paul Adrian Villarreal sings the part of Owen in the songs “Fateful Days” and "Owen".

Paul is the vocalist and lyricist for progressive metal band Sun Caged.  The most prominent influences on his vocal approach are 70s melodic rock & prog singers like Tommy Shaw (Styx/Damn Yankees), Steve Walsh (Kansas) and Paul Rodgers (Free/Bad Company) and Sting, but he also draws inspiration from more recent artists & singers like Tony Harnell (TNT/Westworld), Daniel Gildenlöw (Pain of Salvation), Spock’s Beard (both Nick & Neal eras), as well as singer songwriters like Kevin Gilbert, Jeff Buckley, Ben Folds, and most recently Tim Christensen.

Paul also brings a well rounded overall musical experience to his vocals.  He grew up in a house full of a wide variety of music; from classical, jazz, Latin, to oldies rock-n-roll & eventually hard rock and metal.  Paul has also tried his hand at a variety of instruments (with varying degrees of success) including, piano, guitar, trumpet, bass, drums & even a bit of saxophone.  So it’s no wonder that the melting pot of progressive music is where he feels most at home and free to wander to wherever these diverse interests lead.

Originally born in New York, Paul grew up in the “midwest” and studied history at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, before venturing out to San Diego to pursue music more in earnest.  There he worked in two local bands (Wooden Badger and The Order), both of whom recorded EPs of original music that were critically well received.  However the lives & possible trajectories of both bands were cut short when he was offered the chance to join Netherlands based Sun Caged. Having been a fan of guitarist Marcel Coenen’s previous work with Lemur Voice, Paul was eager to join forces, as well as excited for the chance to live in Europe.  He now resides in Germany, where he is currently fitting in musical pursuits between raising 3 young children.

Sun Caged has released two albums with Paul on vocals; 2007’s “Artemisia” and the recently released, critically acclaimed “The Lotus Effect” (both released on Lion Music).  Both albums have received strong reviews from all around the world, leading to high profile gigs like San Francisco’s BarFest, where the band shared the stage will the likes of Zero Hour, Enchant, Liquid Tension Experiment and Jeff Scott Soto, and more recently, gigs in support of both Pain of Salvation and Fates Warning.

Regarding AIRS, Paul says,
“Being such a fan of 70s art-rock, particularly Kansas, Styx and Genesis, I was honored and thrilled when George and Steve asked me to participate in the AIRS rock opera.  It was a pure pleasure to work on such a wonderful project and along side so many great talents.  I can’t wait to hear it in its final form, and for the rest of the world to hear it too!  Thanks guys & let’s do it again sometime! :)”
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