Friday, July 03, 2020

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Jan Hoving
Jan HovingJan Hoving sings the part of Owen in the song “Annabelle”.

Jan has been the lead vocalist in such acclaimed Dutch bands as Bagheera and Stonefly, most recently performing with A. Vandenberg.  His influences are Rod Stewart and The Faces, Paul Rogers, Frankie Miller and David Coverdale.

Bagheera recorded a demo album in 1988 entitled Who’s Afraid of The Big Black Cat that was well received and sold quite well – the bass player on these recordings was Mike B. who went on to replace Paul Baars in the band Medallion.  One song in particular from these tapes, “Along The Margin of The Bay”, was rearranged and re-titled after a William Wordsworth poem, “I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud”, and became one of the more relaxed tunes from their 1995 album Doors To Deliverance.  Earlier, their instrumental “Andante Concitato” had entered the Dutch 100 in 1992 where it stayed for four weeks, ultimately reaching the number 80 spot – the track was very popular among Dutch radio stations at the time.  Bagheera had the good fortune to go on in support of I.Q. and Yngwie Malmsteen.  Unfortunately, the band split up in 1997.

In 2006, Jan got together with 4 other musicians to write some music and found that they had essentially built a rock solid repertoire in short order and forged a band in the process – Stonefly.  Though not afraid to let modern influences blend in, the band stayed true to its rock and roll roots.  In 2008, Stonefly released their self-titled album to critical acclaim and found themselves opening for Whitesnake in Tilburg.

Jan’s most recent releases include the single "We Are One, World Peace Is Possible", a charity track recorded in 2010 with vocalists Cindy Oudshoorn (Kayak) and Peter de Wint (Mystery, Affair, Qin) for the World Peace Is Possible Foundation and the single "A Number One", recorded in 2011 with Adrian Vandenberg.

Jan also recorded a soul-stirring, amazing performance of "You're The Voice" from Tulpenproms 2010 in Emmeloord with pipers and full orchestra and choir.

Regarding AIRS, Jan says:

“Hi, Steve!  I got the CD!  It sounds wonderful!  I hope you get some good attention with it and it will reach the charts!  I enjoyed the part I did – all the best and give my regards to George as well!”

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