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Floor Kraaijvanger
Floor KraaijvangerFloor Kraaijvanger sings the part of Annabelle in the songs “The Center” and “Flight II” as well as The Narrator in “The Great Salt Pond”.

Florence "Floor" Kraaijvanger began singing in church when she was only 11 years old; she performed the same song on each and every Sunday and although this had the potential to become quite stale and boring she found that it actually gave her much pleasure ... and her performances apparently moved the parishioners as well because on one of those Sundays long ago they saw fit to applaud this young talent (which is a highly peculiar thing to do in Holland)!

At 17 years old, Floor was asked by some secondary school classmates to sing in their soul band during which time she not only learned to perform on stage but also developed her early love and passion for Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin (to name but a few).  Soon thereafter another group of musicians asked her to sing for their new rock band called "Blyster" and here Floor found herself singing the songs of Kansas, King's X, and Zappa which broadened her repertoire and provided yet another opportunity for her to hone her stage craft.

It wasn't until she met Frank van der Wiel and Rob van den Broek (Rob would later become her boyfriend and father to their 2 adorable sons Daan and Bas) that she felt ready to form her own group - Superfloor - the band in which Floor, Frank and Rob played in and nurtured for 12 years. Jefferson Migchelsen has since taken over the reins from Frank on guitar in 2011.

The members of Superfloor describe themselves as musically rooted in the blues, hard rock and soul "with an unmistakable seventies vibe that is intractable to the latest hypes and fashions".  Of course, it is evident that the band is centered on the powerful and soulful voice of Floor, but it also lays claim to its identity with the heavy groove and seventies based blues rock of new guitarist Jefferson Migchelsen, Rob van den Broek playing bass, Willem Hoving on keys and Thomas Calis behind the drums.  Superfloor has played at the Arrow Classic Rock Festival, Bluesrock Tegelen, Culemborg Blues and many more.  In January 2012, they released their third album: “LIVE IT UP!”.

These days Floor also sings in a small combo she formed with experienced guitarist Ronald Bekking (who has played with Bert Heerink) called Floored.  Both Floor and Ronald were moved to explore a more subtle side of their musical interests and decided to assemble and play a purely acoustic repertoire together.  Such artists as Amos Lee, Stevie Wonder, John Lennon and John Waite are but a few that are covered in their sets.

When the opportunity presents itself, Floor occasionally performs in gigs with other bands.  A couple of years ago, for example, Bobby Kimball and Chris Thompson were here in Holland for a 3-days tour and she was asked to be one of the 2 background singers.  She had a great time singing "Hold the Line", "Africa" and other classic Toto songs!  Floor also particularly enjoyed touring awhile back with Rob Lamothe - "one of the greatest singers I know" - who was formerly in "The Riverdogs".

Floor presently practices as a secondary school teacher (English and French) 4 days a week in addition to being a musician and mother, so she is quite busy and also very happy!

Regarding AIRS, Floor says:

"I loved singing on Airs of course! It's a great song (The Great Salt Pond) and you and Steve gave me the freedom to sing it the way I felt it should be sung.  That worked best for me because I don't really like copying - so thank you for that! Moreover I'm fond of harmonies, as you may probably have heard!  Raoul (owner/engineer Raoul Soentken of EDGETIP recording studio, Arnhem, Netherlands), and I made an appointment at 8pm, but we only finished at 1am because we had such fun coming up with new harmonies.  Especially, Raoul.  He sat behind his piano and asked me to wait..."okay...can you do this cause that would fit this note perfectly...wait a could also sing this" – etc., etc. We had a great time!"

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